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Are you looking for a lightsaber you can duel with but don't want to spend hundreds. of bucks for it? This is a great alternative The Star Wars official Lightsaber is the indispensable weapon for any battle. Buy the best Lightsaber Star Wars in the largest Accessories Catalo Lightsaber crystals, also known as kyber crystals, were a variety of crystals, gems, stones, or other objects used as the energy source of a lightsaber.. At the heart of every lightsaber was a set of crystals that resonated to produce the efficient, powerful blade. While the most common crystals used in the process were from the Adega system, Ilum, and Dantooine (in the so-called Crystal Cave.

The lightsaber, also known as a laser sword, was a weapon usually used by the Jedi, the Sith, and other Force-sensitives. Lightsabers consisted of a plasma blade, powered by a kyber crystal, that was emitted from a usually metal hilt and could be shut off at will. It was a weapon that required skill and training, and was greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with the Force. Though also. Hey, Wonderful World of Foodies! Join us today as we Take you an awesome experience at Galaxy's Edge! join us as we build our own custom lightsaber at Savi's Workshop at Disneyland! #Disneyland #.

The most common (and known) lightsaber colors in Star Wars are blue, red, and green, which help distinguish both sides of the force, but the Star Wars universe has a variety of colors for these weapons - eight, to be precise, including the orange lightsaber, recently made canon thanks to Jedi: Fallen Order.Like most objects from a galaxy far, far away, the different colors of lightsabers. Blue lightsabers are by far one of the most prolific lightsaber colors in the Jedi Order. In the Star Wars films and animated television series, the most famous Force users to wield blue lightsabers are Anakin Skywalker, his son Luke Skywalker, his Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ezra Bridger of Star Wars: Rebels.. Blue lightsabers are typically wielded by Jedi Guardians or those that seek to. The Lightsaber of the Inquisitor is usually red or violet. Parts. A lightsaber, short lightsaber (shoto) or any other form of lightsaber requires 2 crystals. An exception to this is the double bladed lightsaber, which requires 4 crystals. The creator who channels their force into the crystals imbues it with a color based on the type of force energy being used as well as how powerful that. Mace Windu's lightsaber was a Jedi weapon constructed by Jedi Master Mace Windu following his appointment as a senior member of the Jedi High Council.One of the most distinctive lightsabers in the Jedi Order due to its amethyst plasma blade, Windu would carry this weapon into battle on multiple occasions during the Clone Wars in which he served as a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic Sith lightsabers, also known as Sith sabers and sometimes referred to as laser swords, were the lightsabers wielded by members of the Sith. They were constructed through methods similar to those used by other Force-sensitives, but the underlying philosophy was different. Unlike users of the light side of the Force, Sith couldn't establish a mutual bond with kyber crystals. This was due to the.

The double-bladed lightsaber is capable of inflicting more damage - but is also less precise - than the single-bladed variant. Although not stated in the description, Double-Bladed Lightsabers are Special: Upgradeable, Lightsaber and, according to Feedback , Balanced : +2/+0 vs. two-weapon penalty The violet crystal that powers Windu's lightsaber comes from the planet Hurikane, where it was gifted to the Jedi as a young man after he saved the life of one of the crystalline beings who. Violet wand Lightsaber in Plo Koon Amber Your violet wand becomes the power supply for this Lightsaber. The only Lightsaber anywhere that spits sparks and shocks when it comes into contact with a person or another lightsaber, (or anything metal or conductive like the Jedi's original melee weapons), this is a geeky kinky person's ultimate wet dream The Ultra-Violet Lightsaber was used by Ryder Krad during some of the times he was a Sith lord. With a powerful amount of foucusing crystals and a striking emerald blade; many people began to refer this lightsaber as the; deathsaber. At the time of that use he was hardly messed with because of his weapon and whoever did mess with him knew when to stop. This lightsaber was destroyed and he.

Purple lightsaber crystals were coveted for their scarcity and widely accepted magnificence and beauty. The most notorious purple lightsaber wielder acquired his crystal on Hurikane, a Jedi by the name of Mace Windu. During his travels to the planet, Windu destroyed one of the native inhabitants during a grueling chase. Upon discovering that he had killed one of the indigenous species, he used. Purchase the Grand Master custom lightsaber, inspired by the legends of a Grand Master. With 9 staggered, vertical windows wrapped around an elegant emitter & tri-sected by a distinctive set of pins, this lightsaber is unlike any other saber in the Ultrasabers® lineup. Place an order for your own custom lightsaber now The youngling would be sent to mine his own crystal, build it into a lightsaber, all the while meditating during the construction to augment the crystal and form a bond with the lightsaber. Through Windu's visions during shatterpoint exposure, he caught a glimpse of the lightsaber he was destined to build. Mace then brought this to the attention of the Jedi Council, which caused concern, as. Lego Bar 4L (Lightsaber Blade / Wand) Item No: 30374 Alternate Item No: 578, 21462, 28697 Blue-Violet (3) Bright Green (30) Bright Light Blue (8) Bright Light Orange (51) Bright Light Yellow (68) Brown (3361) Coral (2) Dark Azure (12) Dark Blue (19) Dark Bluish Gray (11829) Dark Brown (627) Dark Gray (9784) Dark Green (54) Dark Nougat (73) Dark Orange (1125) Dark Pink (10) Dark Purple (21. Hurrikaine crystals were deep blue to violet lightsaber crystals from the planet Hurikane admired for their unparalleled beauty. When used in lightsabers, they created blades that were very good at penetrating defenses. In 58 BBY, a young Mace Windu was sent to Hurikane on a mission as a Padawan. In exchange for helping the stone-encrusted native species, Windu was given a handful of the rare.

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The purple lightsaber is actually more like a violet lightsaber, but nowhere near magenta. Last edited by mmoc3ff0cc8be0; 2012-01-25 at 02:33 PM. Reply With Quote. 2012-01-25, 02:35 PM #5. Kalcheus. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads Elemental Lord Join Date Jun 2010 Posts 8,835. This is all from personal recollection as I was big on TF.N and the official site. With the new Star Wars The Last Jedi coming out soon, I decided to make my very own lightsaber just like every padawan:) I used a replica graflex hilt together with a plecter labs sound board for. Although color filters are intend for use with Adegan silver, the Red/Blue mix of Violet Amethyst can also be manipulated to rich Reds, Blues and various pinks & purples Violet wand Lightsaber in Obi-Wand Kenobi blue Your violet wand becomes the power supply for this Lightsaber. The only Lightsaber anywhere that spits sparks and shocks when it comes into contact with a person or another lightsaber, (or anything metal or conductive like the Jedi's original melee weapons), this is a geeky kinky person's ultimate wet dream Your violet wand becomes the power supply for this Lightsaber. The only Lightsaber anywhere that spits sparks and shocks when it comes into contact with a person or another lightsaber, (or anything metal or conductive like the Jedi's original melee weapons), this is a geeky kinky person's ultimate wet dream. It also glows brighter when it comes into contact with a person, another.

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  1. Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic Cheats: Cheats, Cheats, Cheat-Menü, Cheats, Kampf gegen Malak überspringen
  2. SWTOR Purple Lightsaber Crystals. Traditionally, in Old Republic lore, Purple (sometime called violet) lightsaber crystals were fairly uncommon, and mostly wield by Sith as an alternative to a red lightsaber crystal. In Knights of the Old Republic, characters could find purple lightsaber crytals in the tomb of Tulak Hord, in Tatooine's dune sea.
  3. Das Resource Pack für leuchtende 3D-Lichtschwerter (Englisch: Glowing 3D Lightsabers) wurde von creatorLabs erstellt, um 5 Schwerttexturen in Minecraft zu ersetzen bzw. hinzuzufügen. Die Lichtschwerter selbst sind sehr ansprechend gestaltet und leuchten sogar im Dunkeln, wenn du Optifine als Optimierungs-Mod installiert hast. Keine Frage, natürlich werden mit diesem Pack die Lichtschwerter.
  4. May The 4th Be With You! Save 15% Off All Sabers + Free Shipping On Orders $100+. That's Not All, Receive Up To 5 Free Gifts (Up To 3 Free Sabers) On Varying Order Sizes
  5. Art of the combat saber. For over 10 years SaberForge has been producing high quality LED sabers made for full contact dueling. What started as a one man operation, has grown into a team of talented machinists, assembers, and support staff
  6. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order has eight different lightsaber colors available for you to customize your lightsaber. They have no effect other than looking neat (and sounding different, more on that.

Lightsabers & Crystals: ----- Lightsabers: g_w_lghtsbr01 - Blue Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr02 - Red Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr03 - Green Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr04 - Yellow Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr05 - Violet Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr06 - Malak's Lightsaber g1_w_lghtsbr01 - Lightsaber w/ Heart of the Guardian Crystal g1_w_lghtsbr02 - Lightsaber w/ Mantle of the Force Crystal Short Lightsabers: g_w_shortsbr01. Lichtschwert - Violett Violet- Ultrasabers Lightsaber Star Wars Jedi Master | Sammeln & Seltenes, Science-Fiction, Star Wars | eBay This Violet Lightsaber By Mdtartist83-d9yyh36 - Lightsaber Purple is high quality PNG picture material, which can be used for your creative projects or simply as a decoration for your design & website content. Violet Lightsaber By Mdtartist83-d9yyh36 - Lightsaber Purple is a totally free PNG image with transparent background and its resolution. Kaufen Sie VMS Racing Lightsaber Saber Blade Laser Sword Short 4 inch Aluminum Antenna in Violet Amethyst Purple for Scion tC xA xB im Auto & Motorrad-Shop auf Amazon.de. Große Auswahl und Gratis Lieferung durch Amazon ab 29€ This real lightsaber choose a super powerful gatling laser pointer as a main body, it can emits a powerful and bright laser beam that looks really awesome! Four colors are available here: Green / Blue / Red / Violet Beam.HTPOW is ready to bring you the elegant weapon, for a civilized age. Show your true colors with the newest revolution in Lightsaber LED technology

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However, an orange lightsaber has never been seen wielded in the dark side. Because of this, we can only infer what it represents based on the lore and the pieces of evidence shown by the two Jedis who have orange lightsabers. Color Representation. Colors play a huge role in the Star Wars universe. In the Republic and Imperial societies, we see how different colors might symbolize various. Buy the Graflex SE custom lightsaber with an Anti Vandal switch and switch activation box. Sturdy enough to duel with and extravagant enough to display as a centerpiece in your collection, this lightsaber is a must-have for serious fans. Order your own custom lightsaber from Ultrasabers® The deal with purple lightsaber crystals is that they are only obtainable from players who reverse-engineered them back in the day and now have the artifice recipe, i can make purple hawkeyes only. But then again i can craft alot of those so the next artificer can R-E them and learn the recipe aswell. Basicly my answer is, they are craftable. Yeah, I have the schematics for all three of them. The lightsaber, the legendary blade of force-users in the Star Wars universe, comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Every unique lightsaber color has come to be associated with a particular set of traits and skills. Here, young padawan, you will learn (or, like Darth Revan, perhaps you just need to be reminded) which lightsaber color best suits you

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***** _____ _ _ _ / ___| | | | | | \ `--.| |_ __ _ _ __ | | | | __ _ _ __ ___ `--. \ __/ _` | '__| | |/\| |/ _` | '__/ __| /\__/ / || (_| | | \ /\ / (_| | | \__ \ \____/ \__\__,_|_| \/ \/ \__,_|_| |___/ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ | | / / (_) | | | | / _| | | | | | |/ / _ __ _ __ _| |__ | |_ ___ ___ | |_ | |_| |__ ___ | \| '_ \| |/ _` | '_ \| __/ __| / _ \| _| | __| '_ \ / _ \ | |\ \ | | | | (_| | | | The first challenge is making the blade of your lightsaber an acceptable size, let's say around three feet or so. To do this, you would have to make the laser beam come to a stop at a certain point

I see you have constructed a new lightsaber. -Darth Vader People have been wondering what is the significance of the lightsabers in Star Wars. Lots of people create their own statements to direct to this order: most popular lightsaber theory is that of the apprentice' lightsaber color being blue, and their masters, green. Purple fo Top Ten Lightsaber Crystals in SWTOR Swtorista | September 22, 2019. There are hundreds of lightsaber color crystals available in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Some crystal colors are traditional, while others are cosmetic options only found in the game and not in any other Star Wars lore A Lightsaber is a weapon used in the Star Wars line. Lightsabers consist of two pieces; the hilt and the blade. Most lightsabers use Part 23306 for the hilt. However, Asajj Ventress and Count Dooku use special pieces for their oddly-shaped hilts. The blade of a lightsaber is unique in that it is made of a tight loop of pure energy, and can cut through anything save another lightsaber and. How to build a real lightsaber. by Gianluca Sarri, The Conversation. Credit: David James/Lucasfilm As even casual Star Wars fans will know, lightsabers are probably the coolest weapon ever to make.

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The Anakin Solo lightsaber is a single-hilt lightsaber with a violet blade in Star Wars Legends. Anakin Solo, the youngest son of Han Solo an This category is for lightsabers. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon I made new enchantment for this update to match enchantment color on saber hilt with lightsaber's blade color: Purple = Soul Trap combined w/ weaker Shock Damage; matched with Indigo, Purple, Violet, Magenta & Pink lightsaber. Yellow = Turn Undead combined w/ weaker Shock Damage; matched with Yellow, Orange, Gold & Bronze lightsaber Now, you can play through Knights of the Old Republic wielding crossguard lightsabers as your own! This mod adds upgradeable crossguard lightsabers complete with animations to Knights of the Old Republic. Permissions and credits Credits and distribution permission. Other user's assets All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources; Upload.

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2 Normal Lightsabers 1 Doublebladed lightsaber 2 Violet Crystal 2 Red Crystals 2 Green Crystals 2 Blue Crystals 2 Yellow Crystals 2 Silver Crystals 2 Orange Crystals 2 Viridan Crystals 2 Bronze Crystals This mod has compatibility issues with: The German version of the Restored Content Mod. When you get to the scene after you fight the 3 droids the dialogue will bug out but if you press numbers. The lightsaber is the weapon of choice of the Jedi and the Sith.It is presumably an energy-based weapon and comes in a variety of colors—violet, red, blue, and green. Darth Maul possesses a unique dual-bladed lightsaber. General Grievous possesses lightsabers, despite being neither a Jedi or a Sith Disney Star Wars Galaxys Edge Violet / Purple Kyber Crystal Mace Windu 1 + Bonus $37.77. Disney Galaxy's Edge RED Kyber Crystal Darth Vader Magic 8 Ball Voice Savi's $60.06 . Disney Galaxy's Edge Green Kyber Crystal Yoda Magic 8 Ball Voice Savi's Workshop $55.55. Disney Galaxys Edge Star Wars White Kyber Crystal Chirrut Îmwe Voice + BONUSES $36.36. SAVE $52.22. COMPLETE Kyber Crystal. Mace Windu is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed by actor Samuel L. Jackson in the prequel trilogy, who reprised his role in the 2008 animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars, whilist Terrence C. Carson voiced the character in other projects, such as The Clone Wars television series. Windu is a Jedi Master and member of the High Council during the final years of the. Lightsaber Upgrades. Blue Crystal Location(s) Dantooine (Crystal Cave) - Obtained from a crystal formation Bondar Crystal Location(s) Korriban (Dreshdae) - Found on Sith corpse Korriban (Tomb of Tulak Hord) - Found in urn Damind Crystal Location(s) Tatooine (Anchorhead) - Found on Dark Jedi's corpse Korriban (Sith Academy) - Found on Kel Alghwyn's corpse Kashyyyk (Upper Forest) - Found on Dark.

While there are some other colors seen in Star Wars media other than the standard green and blue (most notably light blue and yellow from The Clone Wars series), we have only seen one Jedi with a violet bladed lightsaber: Mace Windu. His original story states that he acquired this unique crystal at the age of 14, when at his request, he traveled to the planet Hurikane. The indigenous people. This lightsaber wall mount was a custom design for real custom lightsaber hilts. This mount is 3D printed and reinforced to withstand the weight of any hilt made. The wall mount comes will all hardware to install and can be set into just sheet-rock. The anchors are rated up to 35 lbs so no worries on your saber wall mount pulling out of the wall. In the package: 1 wall mount, 1 blade holder. I hope there is a place for Sith Volt with a violet Light Saber. What do you think about this? Gundam's beam saber. literally a massive light saber mobile suit gundam came out 2 years after star wars and the only difference is the size and one word in the name, with that beam saber became something pretty long lived in the 36 years gundam has been around. I was originally going to mention.

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When crafting your first lightsaber, three components, plus a focusing crystal (which corresponds to a color crystal), are required. For most of the locations listed, you would gain one of these. It costs $200 to build your own lightsaber at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Posted on May 21, 2019 by Bailee Abell How to take advantage of Disney World's new Amazon Prime one-day shippin Summary. This mod replaces the lightsaber blade textures. I've made new textures using Saber, a plug-in for After Effects made by visual effect artists who work on the actual films, which they released for free on VideoCopilot.net.The new textures are of higher quality (1024x1024 vs the original 128x128) and should be more accurate to the movie look, given that they were generated with a tool. Violet wand Lightsaber in Princess Pink Ok, Leia never wielded a lightsaber, and there is no lore that would ever support a lightsaber in Princess Pink. But..pink. Your violet wand becomes the power supply for this Lightsaber. The only Lightsaber anywhere that spits sparks and shocks when it comes into contact with a person or another lightsaber, (or anything metal or conductive like the Jedi.

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g_w_lghtsbr05 - Violet Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr07 - Bronze Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr08 - Orange Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr09 - Silver Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr10 - Cyan Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr11 - Viridian Lightsaber g_w_drkjdisbr001 - Dark Jedi Lightsaber w_ls_x01 - Visas Marr's Lightsaber Short Lightsabers g_w_shortsbr01 - Blue Short Lightsaber g_w_shortsbr02 - Red Short Lightsaber g_w_shortsbr03 - Green. How to build a real lightsaber December 10, 2015 10.48am EST The green lightsabers of Jedi knights could be made of chlorine plasma, which mostly emits in the red-to-violet region of the. Whereas most lightsabers are either blue, green, Revan alternated between serving the Jedi and the Sith at various points in his life, and the violet coloring of his lightsaber helps to represent the mixture between the red hues of the Dark Side and the blue hues of the Light. Of course, most Dark Side users wield red lightsabers and the explanation behind that is not some quirk of. Builders choose a red, blue, green or violet kyber crystal to power up their lightsaber. After Builders assemble their lightsabers, a Gatherer adds a 36-inch lightsaber blade. When the. Red Light Saber Electrode quantity. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. Jacob, Chris & 2 others bought this item recently. Fast Shipping. All orders are shipped within 1-3 business days. Estimated Delivery Date: May 5. Secure Checkout. SSL Enabled Secure Checkout. Guaranteed. Covered by our Defect Warranty. SKU: VW_00002_RE Category: Rainbow Electrodes Tags: colors, fizz, lgbtq, pride, rainbow.

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Kaufen Sie VMS Racing Lightsaber Saber Blade Laser Sword Short 4\ inch Aluminum Antenna in Violet Amethyst Purple for VW Golf GTI Rabbit Passat E46 im Auto & Motorrad-Shop auf Amazon.de. Große Auswahl und Gratis Lieferung durch Amazon ab 29€ Why Are Lightsabers Different Colors: A Conclusion. To finish this Why Are Lightsabers Different Colors article, we have to invite you to participate in the discussion and point out any arguments we could have missed. We love to interact with our community, and quite frankly, Star Wars' lore is too deep for us to explore alone, so we're sure there are more reasons out there that we.

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Normal Lightsabers: g_w_lghtsbr01 - Blue Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr02 - Red Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr03 - Green Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr04 - Yellow Lightsaber g_w_lghtsbr05 - Violet Lightsaber g_w. Unlocking all the lightsaber colors in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order isn't like other Star Wars games, namely the Knights of the Old Republic series in which lightsaber crystals needed to be obtained across the galaxy, but by being different, the game is requiring players to be patient in order to get more lightsaber colors down the line. Of course, being a single-player game with a Jedi at the. The Purple Lightsaber was a hand item in Club Penguin. Members could obtain it for free at the Star Wars Rebels Takeover by participating in Lightsaber Duels. Appearances It made an appearance in issue 482 of the Club Penguin Times Mace Windu's violet-colored blade was only introduced to the franchise because actor Samuel L. Jackson put in a personal request to Star Wars creator George Lucas for a lightsaber bearing his. Ever want to build your very own customizable, authentic Star Wars lightsaber? Well now you're going to have that very chance in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge when you visit Savi's Workshop - Handbuilt Lightsabers.. We're going to walk you through everything you need to know about Savi's Workshop, how to build your custom-built lightsaber, the price, making reservations and our review of.

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4- Violet. INCLUDED IN THIS PURCHASE: - Lightsaber with kyber Crystal (blade) - Builders pin - Black carrying case. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. Shipping cost. Location: Random Contributed by: Xgamerkf ----- Crystal, Violet Special: Upgrade item, lightsaber Blade Color: Violet Description: A facetted crystal used in the construction of a lightsaber. It glows faintly with an inner violet light. Location: Random Contributed by: Xgamerkf ----- Crystal, Orange Special: Upgrade item, lightsaber Blade Color: Orange Description: A facetted crystal used in. Lightsaber crystal was a catch-all term for any object that could be used as the focus in lightsaber construction. While crystals were most commonly used, certain types of jewels, gems, stones and ingots could work. The type of crystal used in its construction could imbue lightsabers with special properties and abilities. The type of crystal from which a lightsaber draws focus influences the.

r/lightsabers: Welcome to /r/lightsabers. This sub is dedicated to everything lightsabers. Feel free to post anything regarding lightsabers. For When placed within a lightsaber, it altered the properties of other crystals that the lightsaber carried; this crystal created a devastating weapon that was perfect for lightsaber combat. ♦ Hurrikaine - Violet or Dark Blue Hurrikaine crystals were deep blue to violet lightsaber crystals from the planet Hurikane admired for their unparalleled. Violet / Purple Lightsaber. Explore g_longacre86's photos on Flickr. g_longacre86 has uploaded 17 photos to Flickr.. Violet's my favorite lightsaber color, but I've never used it in-game since the original red-purple is an eyesore. Not to mention how the texture seemed extra-clipped. Thanks for getting the color just right! 1 Share this review. Link to review. GNihilus2 81 July 19, 2018 1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member wonderful work, the little widder beam is noticeable now, even more.

SWTOR Lightsaber Crystals. A Jedi is not restricted to a single color. Rather, that color is a badge of pride for the Jedi Path it signifies. There are hundreds of lightsaber color crystals in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Some crystal colors are traditional, while others are cosmetic options only found in SWTOR. Use the filters below to narrow. How to build a real lightsaber The Force Awakens is in UK cinemas next week, which should give you enough time to brush up on your physics and make yourself some appropriate kit Gianluca Sarri. What's your favorite lightsaber color? Discussion. 51 comments. share . save hide report. 88% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 36 points · 1 year ago. Ive always been a fan of the purple lightsabers. Not the Violet ones, or other assorted purple. I'm talking Mace Windu purple, or the purple Revan has. level 2.

Violet Amethyst Lightsaber. A Skin Mod for Counter-Strike: Online. No ads for members. Membership is 100% free. Sign up! Overview. Updates . Issues. Todos. License. 3. Likes. Embed. Thanks. Admin. Permits . Flags . Report. A Pink Lightsaber i hope you guys enjoy this, lol sorry for the bad render the texture are too much low quality to get high quality render :P pee wees included. *Bugs: there. Huh. This question seems specifically tailored towards me lol But anyways, in canon, Windu got a purple lightsaber just because the actor requested one. However, in legends(to explain away Samuel L's bullshit) there is a bit more of a story. So b.. The best feeling is when you win a game without cheating any bit. But hard levels can be pretty frustrating. And game progressions are a little restricting. All of that can be solved using Cheat Codes. Even with games with a giant nerd following like Star Wars Knights of the old republic cheats (KOTOR 2), are an acceptable means of playing and completing missions 15 Star Wars Weapons That Could Beat A Lightsaber. It seems like nothing can beat a lightsaber, but thanks to Star Wars Legends and canon, we know of 15 weapons that could! by Jonathan H. Kantor; Jan 12, 2018; Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment Share. When it comes to weaponry, you can't get much better than a lightsaber. As Obi Wan once said, it's an elegant weapon for a more civilized age, and it.

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